Our story

Paul, Linda and their two sons Martin and Andri have always dreamt of living on a game farm. Obtaining Adansonia Eco Lodge on an auction in 2010 brought them one step closer to this dream. At the moment the family still resides in Pretoria, but they spend as much time as possible on the farm, driving through to Musina as regularly as their schedules permit. 

Guests will be fetched at the gate and escorted to the lodge. Abram will unpack your car and show you to your chalet. 

He can take you on a game drive (should the Landy – circa 1978 - be willing) as requested, early in the morning or late afternoon, and if permitted by the weather.

The rooms are cleaned on a daily basis.

Max and Rufus are our resident canines. You will find them both to be affectionate, child-friendly, loving and active.

We also brought a couple of cats on board to keep the rodent population at bay.

 Abram Motau - Farm Foreman & Chief