Are you a nature lover who wishes to go for long walks? Whether you want to see the mammals (such as giraffe, zebra, waterbuck and blue wildebeest), reptiles (such as pythons, tortoises, lizards and geckos), birds (eagles, hawks, weavers), trees (baobabs, mopane, matoppies, maroela, acasia) or flowers (wild flowers galore), you will be thrilled to be here. Around each corner, and over each koppie, another adventure awaits. Once you're done exploring our beautiful reserve, come to our library to identify what you saw using our reference material.

Are you a frustrated artist? Your creativity will know no bounds in this stunning environment. Bring your brushes and pencils as you will be in the mood from the word 'Go'!

Are you keen for some fun activities? Brave enough for a swim in the farm dam or to participate in the dung-spitting competition? If so, you will have a whale of a time!

Note: A 4x4 or high rise vehicle is highly recommended, but in the case you arrive in an ordinary vehicle, it will be parked safely and you will be transported to the lodge with a game drive vehicle.

Activities, Adansonia Eco Lodge


Are you a keen birder? So far we have identified more than 80 bird species on the farm. We would like to challenge you to add to the list. Be sure to bring your binoculars and keep the Sasol/ Sinclair/ Newman/ Robert reference books close by.

Activities, Adansonia Eco Lodge

Hiking / Nature trails / Mountain biking

Feeling energetic? With many jeep and single tracks crisscrossing the farm, you are bound to get all the exercise that you require. Whether you prefer a slow strolling pace to take in the wide variety of fauna and flora on the farm, or a faster one to get your heart rate going, you will not be disappointed.

Activities, Adansonia Eco Lodge

Nature photography

Are you a keen nature photographer? Then you will love Adansonia Eco Lodge for you will be able to photograph a variety of wildlife up close.

Also there will be plentiful photo opportunities with stunning sunrises, ancient baobab trees, winding sand riverbeds, and an abundance of koppies.

Activities, Adansonia Eco Lodge

4 x 4 / Quad bikes

You will find numerous exciting challenges at Adansonia Eco Lodge. Whilst many of the roads can be driven by normal high rise vehicles, the majority need a 4x4 to manoeuvre successfully. Some of the roads in the hillside are seriously challenging, even with a 4x4 vehicle and an experienced driver. The sandy riverbeds that crisscross the length and breadth of the farm also provide ample driving opportunities for quad bikes and 4x4's alike.  Please bring your own quad bike.

Activities, Adansonia Eco Lodge

Dry river bed

Are you keen on roughing it a bit? We often take guests out to a very nice spot in the sandy riverbed (that only flows after heavy rains) where they then make a massive bonfire and sleep under the stars (no tents required, just bring your sleeping bags along).

Activities, Adansonia Eco Lodge

Kiddies entertainment

Children of all ages will enjoy their time at Adansonia Eco Lodge. Apart from enjoying the thrills of nature, youngsters can catch a swim in the spectacular swimming pool (with views to die for!) or the adventurous ones could brave a swim in one of the cement dams on the farm. A number of indoor games are stacked away in the cupboard in the dining room for rainy days. A TV with a DSTV decoder is also available as a last resort.